Monday, March 1, 2010

High Life Style

Depart from many agencies in Indonesia, eventually forming an association of sheltering agencies and management catwalk model, actress, actor, talent, arts workers and beings who work in the entertainment industry.

AAMTI or Association named Model and Talent Agency of Indonesia, this association stands for the more widespread entertainment industry in the country that opened more great job opportunities beings as a model of entertainment, talent and other workers Monday. This directly affects the development and manejemen agencies in Indonesia.

These conditions requires an agency's performance and management of more serious, professional, full commitment. "This Association is a togetherness among international agencies and national. I hope all the models incorporated in the agency, because beyond all the models freelance nothing," said Aaron Keke I AAMTI as PR in the press conference, Monday (23 / 2).

Not just standing, AAMTI have the vision and mission to protect the agencies belonging to the association, improve the quality of agency performance, interaction, and communication and interaction among agencies in Indonesia, AAMTI well as a means of publicity and promotion of joint inter-agency.

"The advantage of joining in this AAMTI much. The big links, there is also standarisasinya. In time we will recruit slowly, and will be socialized," said Lulu Dewayanti as Treasurer AAMTI.

Currently, the agency estimated there are dozens in Indonesia, where there are 20 agencies that have joined the AAMTI. Like 8 Management, Forms Management, Bern's model, Fame Management, Flash Model, Model Front and many others.

According to Fritz Panjaitan, through AAMTI site owned, indirect external parties can choose, or to book the desired model. "Indirectly can direct bookings, not just the national level but also internationally," he said.